Feel Covid 19 Symptoms? This is what you have to do.

Nobody ever imagined that covid 19 will hit the world like this. Despite all efforts taken by the state and central government, we are failing to control the situation. Covid 19 now has more mutants for which scientists and doctors are continuously monitoring it to help the people as much as they can. We also know that today even if you have a cold and cough you are scared that you have covid 19. Well, Vaccination is the best answer for this problem but till you don’t get your doses done we have simple solutions for you if you feel you have covid or if you want to know how to manage covid with mild symptoms at home.

Isolate Yourself – As soon you feel you are experiencing covid symptoms.

The most important thing to do as soon as you feel that you have covid 19 symptoms isolate yourself. You don’t want to spread the virus among your family members. Also, it is very important that you and your all family members have a close watch over the health ( temp and oxygen level ) so that in case of any alarming situation immediate doctor consultation can be taken care.

No self medication – Covid symptoms

Again a very important instruction that you have to follow here is to not self medicate yourself. These days on social media and whatsapp lots of medicines are floating in the messages to take it to recover from the covid 19 . Please always consult to your doctor and take medicines what he suggest . There is no medicine available to cure your covid 19 and they can harm your health more.

How to manage covid 19 mild symptoms at home

All over the world and even in india doctors are asking patients having covid mild symptoms to take care of themselves at home only and no need to worry. Few of the pointers you have to take care in case you are feeling covid 19 mild symptoms at home

  • Self Isolate – These days RT-PCT result test takes some time 2 or 3 days to come, so don’t wait for it. Isolate yourself there is no harm in it.
  • Consult a doctor– Even if you have very mild symptoms do consult your doctor. Video consultation is the best option to go for if possible.
  • Stay Hydrated– It’s very important that you intake at least 3-4 ltr water daily and at least 1 ltr lukewarm water to stay hydrated. It will help your lungs to avoid severe congestion.
  • Eat healthy and Protein diet – It’s very important that your body has all strength to fight this virus, so do eat healthy and natural fruits. Increase your protein diet to boost your immunity towards covid 19.
  • Track yourself – Very important to track your oxygen level and temperature level. If your oxygen is dropping below 94% or temperature is above 101 Celcius do consult your doctor immediately
  • Don’t panic – Don’t panic is also very important so that you don’t lose control over your body. Stay calm and rush to the medical emergency and get diagnosed.

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Don’t Panic , Stay Informed – Covid 19 Symptoms

We know these days lots of bad news are coming. We all are loosing somone due to covid 19 and it scares hell out of us. We understand its very important to be informed but we urge to stay positive as well. Do visit all the government sites for valid covid helpline numbers and do ask help over social media so that someone can reach out to you as soon as possible.

Covid 19 is the most drastic thing that we are facing right now and we have to support each other. We request you to promote plasma donation as much as you can as that can save someone’s life. Do donate as much as you can in whatever manner possible. Take the situation very seriously get your doses done and stay at home, stay safe.

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