Why there are side effects after covishield or covaxin?

This is the most common question everyone is asking the medical professionals that why certain people face mild side effects after getting 1st or 2nd dose of covishield or covaxin. We have tried to gather all the data to answer the same question for you.

Covishield Side-effects – Mild Symptoms

Certain People who are getting first and second shots of the covishield are experiencing certain mild side-effects like fever, cough, headache, or vomiting but that means your immune system has been triggered to work against covid 19. There is no need to worry if you are facing any above symptoms. As doctors don’t have exact explanations or data to understand why it is happening as for every human being immunity will work differently. Do remember for quick recovery stay hydrated, take paracetamol after every 6 hours and eat healthily.

Covaxin Side-effects – Mild Symptoms

Just like covishield people who are taking covaxin are also facing certain sideffects. But again you don’t have to worry. Take all the precautions and it will waive off after 2-3 days and hence do get your second shot as per your schedule.

What if i don’t have any symptoms after taking vaccine ?

There is another myth that is going on these days that if you are not facing any mild symptoms after taking the vaccine so that it means it’s not working. It doesn’t work like that. Immunity works differently for each individual hence it might be silent for you but definitely it’s doing its job.

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Is there any severe side-effects after any covid-19 vaccine ?

No there is no such report of any covid 19 vaccine whether it is covid shield or covaxin.So no worries at that end.

So we urge all of you to get your registration done and get your jabs. Don’t trust any rumor which is getting over social media or WhatsApp. Consult your doctor if you feel you have any allergies before taking any vaccine.

Stay at home , Stay Safe !!!.

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